Who would be coaching me?

Many people feel stuck when trying to overcome problems. This can take enormous amounts of time, so I give coaching sessions that help them gain the clarity and focus they need to quickly solve their most pressing challenges.

I have worked with start-ups, real estate funds, and hundreds of financial advisors. I help financial advisors and investors understand investment opportunities. Basically, I have worked in sales, raising capital, not-profit fundraising, operations, and boards.

As a former, executive director of a national charity for 10+ years and happily married for 20+ years with 8 amazing kids,  I have been working with a full range of people in the fundraising world, both young and experienced. I have served on boards, leadership teams, trained employees, gave many presentations, and much more. As a leader empowering other leaders, managers both paid and volunteers for over 20 years, this is where my experience can help you.

My approaches to coaching are practical,  personable, encouraging, and diverse. Many people finish a session having felt empowered around a purpose, mission, and set of goals, or on the other hand, people have practically made small and big wins in their everyday lives.

I  am a student of leadership.  My personal experience has been around assisting leadership, management, around topics like real estate, non-profits, building company culture, marketing, sales, fundraising, capital raising, building healthy teams, program deployment, project management, conflict resolution, staff performance, accountability, boards, and customer satisfaction.

My experiences are in Canada, USA, and Ireland. 

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You'll take what we've discussed and execute the plan we define for your success.

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